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Think Different.  With PocketiNet the Possibilities are Endless.  Your friends at PocketiNet are bringing the next generation of ultra-high speed communications infrastructure to Washington.  Gigabit Broadband is coming soon to a neighborhood near you and we need your help to raise your hand and help spread the word.  We just finished our initial campaign and we listened to where you wanted us to go first.  What we are talking about is a fundamental change in how you use the Internet... where there are no speed limits.  Gigabit Country, powered by PocketiNet brings a whole new technological infrastructure right to your home providing unlimited capabilities for video-streaming, home phone services, home security services/surveillance, and of course broadband internet. 

The zones that receive the most support and reach their construction sales goals will receive service first.  PocketiNet is committed to constructing fiber in the zones that reach their goals first.  You see, the amount of work to bring fiber optic service into a neighborhood is huge and comes with a lot of expense.  Bottom line, we want to go where you want us most!  We’re going to need a lot of people talking to their friends and neighbors about this amazing service and getting their support to back the project.  

What are the Advantages?  It provides truly unlimited access and allows households to run multiple high bandwidth devices at the same time. This means your spouse can be streaming movies on the TV, while you’re uploading all of your vacation photos to your favorite photo sharing site, while the kids are connected with friends on their gaming devices. You can do this all at the same time, all with no affect on speed or resolution. 

What’s Next?  Construction, Sales and New Fiberhoods:  PocketiNet has completed construction in our first few Fiberhoods, and we are currently in construction at our next Fiberhood.  Additionally, we are signing contracts in several more.  PocketiNet is actively looking for additional Fiberhoods...  the more a neighborhood shows interest, the faster we will begin signing contracts-of-intent within that specific area.  Once a Fiberhood qualifies for construction it will be added to PocketiNet’s development calendar.  It is very important we spread the news about this exciting new service within every neighborhood.  If you live outside the already announced Fiberhoods, we need you to rally your neighbors.  The more registered interest within a neighborhood tells us to go there next.  

If you would like additional information, please call or text our Fiber Sales Associate, Aaron Shiffler at 509-438-7339.  He is available from 8am - 8pm and would be happy to answer any questions!

Together, we're helping to shape our community for the better!