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5:11PM May 22, 2018

Jim Talbott
So, here's a question - while my family wait for our fiber connection, I'm curious about your wireless. At my home address, I show as having "Fixed Wireless" available. What kind of speed do that service offer?

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1:17PM February 13, 2018

Jim Talbott
So, I see in the "My Order" section that I'm still signed up for 1G internet service - however your "Products" page now only shows 100 and 200M service - what's up with that? :(

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2:54PM February 02, 2018

Bowjack Horseman
Anxiously awaiting fiber construction and service in North Richland... Any updates?

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12:53AM December 18, 2017

Joshua Wassing
Looking forward to getting access to PocketiNet in North Richland!

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3:18PM December 17, 2017

Andrew Carney
I’m thinking it’s city of Richland that is the hold up with the Richland build out. We probably should start letting the city and council know that we want them to fast track fiber to us. I can understand the buildout being slow and just street by street, but there isn’t a good reason for taking a year and still not having ANY progress or actual plans/sign ups started unless the city is the hold out... Contact City if Richland, tell them you want PocketiNet fiber!

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1:57PM December 14, 2017

Philip Jensen
Please Start Building in North Richland!!! I can't wait for you to get here!

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8:22PM December 06, 2017

Shaun Brown
Would you PLEASE hurry up for RD68 area in West Pasco!!!!!!!!!

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11:55PM December 02, 2017

antonio frias
people are dying for a new option, and in general;all around the tri-city area, spectrum (formerly charter) is the only option many people have,and Quite frankly; spectrum hasn't been cutting it, price is to high for the speeds they offer (compared to pocketinet) and the service is criminally unreliable. lots of outages,streaming quality ranges from moderate to unwatchable for most video services, and when the service is working, it takes random/constant nosedive in quality/reliability like an eagle going after a fish. I hear it all around, people want a REAL option, and it sucked to read all these articles over the years about google building out fiber anywhere else but here,once word gets out, everyone will be switching to pocketinet, im just waiting for you guys to hurry and build out here in west Pasco. cheers! and godspeed!

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9:36AM November 29, 2017

Jim Talbott
Wantee wantee!! Many of us in North Richland have high hopes for 1G service to our homes. :)