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Garrison Creek Heights is GO for Gigabit Country Construction!

6:17PM September 07, 2016

Congratulations Garrison Creek Heights Residents,


Gigabit Country Fiber by PocketiNet is coming to you!  You should be receiving construction door hangers on your front doors announcing the upcoming construction shortly.


Prior to the door hangers, you will see utilities being located in the neighborhood within the next little while.  Please don't be alarmed if you see the city, county, Cascade Natural Gas, Century Link and Columbia Rural Electric marking lawns, sidewalks, and streets with spray paint.  The paint wears off and in the meantime, it allows us to avoid causing any damage to the existing underground utilities.


We are currently working with the city to bypass the final year of a street disturbance moratorium withing Garrison Creek Heights.  The city council is aware of the issue.  We would not be tearing up street surfaces but rather simply pulling an eight-inch plug to visually inspect our horizontal drill pass by existing utilities.   After which, our crew re-plugs the street.


Once all the existing utilities are located and our engineers are able to finalize the build plan based on any new info provided by the locate services, our OSP crew will begin pulling conduit through the portion of the neighborhood that does not require street crossings.   The crew will work in the legal utility easement according to city ordinance.   Our goal is to install conduits with negligible impact on the existing landscaping in your yard.  We plan to leave everything as we found it, plus install really fast Internet to your home.


We're excited and hope you are too.  If you have any questions regarding PocketiNet or Gigabit Country please feel free to contact Donny Veverka, our PR/Social Media Coordinator at dveverka@pocketinet.net or 509-526-5026 ext. 129.  Of course, you're always welcome to contact Aaron Shiffler, your Fiber Salesperson as well.

Construction will begin very soon.



The PocketiNet Gigabit Country Team

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