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PocketiNet Announces Newest Fiberhood in Walla Walla

3:18PM April 20, 2018

PocketiNet is proud to announce the launch of a new Fiberhood in Walla Walla.  The Highland Rd. Fiberhood is up and ready for customers!  A new approach is being utilized to bring ultra-fast Internet service to the Highland Rd. neighborhood.  The technology is 5G wireless service which means Fiber is run to the neighborhood with the last leg to the home served by high-speed 5G wireless technology.  The network is built and ready to utilize meaning there's no need to qualify the Fiberhood prior to construction.  It's ready to go!  PocketiNet will still be deploying Fiber-to-the-Home where appropriate but we're excited to offer Fiber-to-the-Neighborhood with 5G wireless as well.  Technology continues to advance and at PocketiNet we're committed to keep pace, bring you the best services available.

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