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PocketiNet brings Fiber Optics to Waitsburg, WA

4:02PM July 05, 2023

LS Networks and PocketiNet Expand Fiber in Waitsburg

Portland, OR - March 15, 2023 – LS Networks and PocketiNet announced today

the expansion of their fiber networks to Waitsburg, Washington. By

combining their resources and expertise, the two companies will be able to

provide high-speed, reliable internet connections of up to 2 Gbps to over 500

homes in rural Washington.

The planned acquisition of PocketiNet by LS Networks, announced in October

2022, is expected to close later this year. As of this date, LS Networks became

a minority owner of the company and immediately joined forces with

PocketiNet to expand its footprint. Starting in April, Waitsburg residents will

have access to high-speed internet with more capacity for on-demand

upgrades, allowing customers to experience the network’s full capabilities

from day one.

“We recognize the need for high-speed internet in rural areas, and Waitsburg

is the first of many communities to benefit from our partnership with

PocketiNet," said Randy Brogle, CEO of LS Networks. “Last year, we came

together with a shared vision to invest in communities and empower the

underserved, and today we are taking our first step in fulfilling that vision,” he


“This marks the first joint expansion between PocketiNet and LS Networks,”

said Todd Brandenburg, PocketiNet Founder and CEO. “Each organization

shares similar values to provide high-quality services to the communities we

serve. I look forward to continuing our mission to bridge the digital divide

across the Pacific Northwest.”

“Through a collaborative effort with PocketiNet, the City of Waitsburg is

excited to see high-speed fiber optic internet for citizens to utilize,” said Randy

Hinchliffe, City Administrator of Waitsburg, “I am optimistic for the quality of

service this will offer to our local community.”

Residents of Waitsburg can take advantage of the fast, reliable internet today

by visiting www.pocketinet.com.

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